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Evaporative System: Service and Installation

An evaporative system has become very popular with new homes as many wish to search for a more efficient way to cool their homes. Trade Focus is able to investigate and service any feature of the evaporative system, whether that is the cooling pads or replenishment of the water tank or the maintenance to the pump and ventilator motor or a schedule clean of the fan.

Evaporative system is a fantastic way to keep your whole house cool as it surrounds your family with fresh ocean like breezes. With the use of water cooling technology it uses the warm air from outside that is pulled through a set of filter pads that are saturated with water; creating fresh cool air that is then blown through the ducting system via the fans from within the roof, sending the cool air into every room in your home.

Ensuring that the hot air within your home will be eventually forced outside as you feel the cool fresh air enter your home.

How we service them and why evaporatives are considered the most efficient

Ensuring your evaporative system operates at its peak efficiency it is very important for it to be bi annually serviced. Once during the shut down process as the air conditioners of Adelaide prepare for winter period as well as preparing the evaporative unit for the South Australian summer.

Our Winter Shut Down Service (after summer)

            Prepare unit for inspection

            Scrub the unit clean of algae and residue slime

            Remove any mud and dirt that may have been built up over summer

            Scrub away as much salt and scale as possible from within and outside the unit

            Test operation of isolation valve (lubricate where required)

            Assess water level (ensuring optimum level)

Switch off the water supply (preventing algae and slime residue to build up in the still water)

Switching the power to unit off (protecting the pump and its control board from burning out)

Check and test the internal systems within the air-con unit (pads, motor bearings, fan bearings and the drive belt – as well as the exterior state of the unit)

            Provide a report including photos and a description of the task

            Reassemble and leave unit in a sufficient state

Our Summer Start Up Service (before summer)

Remove skeleton of unit granting access to machine as its cleaned and removed of dust and grime

Drain the unit of any water that may have built up over shut down period

Replace with fresh water, allow for disinfect

Test inlet valve to ensure correct operation

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