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Split System: Service and Installation

Trade Focus is able to offer a range of services, as our technicians are readily available to install your split system both indoors to your preference allowing your home to be as cool and comfortable as you like. Even in the air-con unit you wont see much of, our technicians will ensure your outdoor unit will be correctly located with current legislation finding a location that will give your unit years more in life.

A split system air conditioning unit is a heating and cooling solution for your home that is perfectly suited to create comfort in the Australian summer and the winter. The split systems is produced and installed with two units, the first unit is the one that everyone sees in the home; this half of the set distributes the heated or cooled air to control the climate of the room, this can only be effective due to the outside unit working along side.

The outdoor air conditioning unit that accompanies the evaporator from the inside unit begins to reduce the heat inside the home, not just by fanning cooler into the house but by blowing the hot air out of the compressor inside the outdoor unit assisting the evaporator inside. This assistance occurs by the definition that these systems are ductless, and the reason for that is how the two units are connected; along with a set of electrical wiring there is a length of tubing that is used to allow air to get from one unit to the other.

Consider this an over sized filtration system for the capacity of several rooms in the house, as the outdoor air conditioning unit begins to extract air from the inside to the outside of the house then drawing back into its compressor and condensing system to then create a cool air supplement that will be transferred through the tubes to enter the inside air condition unit that will then use its evaporation system along with the use of its fan to begin to cool the house in the summer.

Calling Trade Focus to install your brand new split system or even just for a service, it will nonetheless provide yourself with many positive benefits and none more so than the affordable cost of installation and servicing compared to fully ducted heating and cooling system, also satisfying the need to cool just a couple rooms in the house (the main living areas) such as the bedrooms and the living room and kitchen rather then needing to reach the whole house which is the purpose of a ducted system. The flexibility of the split system is ever present when you think about being able to keep all of the rooms in your houses cool, the only downside is that with every addition will increase the cost and may become less beneficial then a ducted whole house system.

Our tips to the perfect external air con unit location.

  • Keep from the direct sunlight – hours of harsh sun will mean the unit will have to work harder to keep the house cool therefore shortening its life span.
  • Keep it clean – Ensuring the external unit is not exposed to poor functionality due to the build up of dust or the unit becoming blocked.

External unit should have its space – Trying to allow the external unit’s fan with as much space as possible as it begins to extract and draw in air, it needs the space to not build up the hot air against a wall; it should have the space to prioritise the drawing in of fresh air.

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