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Wall Units: Service and Installation

A wall unit system that is often seen either coming into your home from a window or a wall with the controls on the face of the unit. They are a simple system and often considered a far more cost efficient strategy as a wall unit fitted does not involve the large cost of ducting.

Wall units are an efficient option when opting to cool one room or a reduced surrounding space, from a window or a sealed to a wall it is difficult to be able to cool and heat your whole house. You may need to couple it with another wall unit based in an area such as your bedroom to have access in separate rooms.

Our Air con technicians are aware how difficult it may be to service this kind of system, as it may be difficult to access certain areas of the unit, such as the electronic board or the fan belt. However our patient and technical staff are prepared to service your wall units while always being courteous to the housing structure and the interior of your home.

Often with wall units we suggest refraining from excessive DIY work as many of the major components such as the motor and the compressor are all fitted into a tight boxed space, it pays to have a professional with the correct tools while having access to their prior knowledge and experience of the mechanics of all types of air conditioners.

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