Trade Focus likes you to resolve some simple issues on your own but also informs you that air conditioners are powerful electrical appliances, so if you are not sure of what to do, don’t try to address the issue yourself. It is always better to call out a licensed technician for Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide, to avoid aggravating the issue. Following are few steps that you can take on your own if you come across these problems. Whether you own a ducted or split system, you prefer your air conditioner to run at its peak to keep you cool in hot summer months and warm throughout the winter.

Issue – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cool Air –

Experiencing issues regarding the air temperature is a common issue and does not need any expertise for Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide. There are some things that might go wrong. The easiest way to fix is cleaning the filter. Another issue is ice, which might have formed inside the thermostat sensor and might have been the primary cause of the issue. If the filter is cleaned, and ice is removed, the issue might be resolved. If the problem persists, then it’s better to switch off the AC and call a qualified technician for the sake of safety.

Issue – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner is Forming Ice inside the Unit

Sometimes you might be struggling along with your AC in hot summer months and need Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide. In such a situation, your air conditioner needs a little bit of TLC or Tender Loving Care by you or professionals from workshops carrying out Air con repairs in Parafield Gardens. The filter gets dirty by collecting dust, which blocks the unit from breathing or air flow process. The result is that of formation of ice within your AC. Regular checkup of your air conditioner unit is a good way of preventing dust builds up within the unit.

Solution – First thing to be done is to switch off the air conditioner and leave it for few hours, leaving the ice to melt down completely. You can move your furniture, or put a bucket underneath the ac to avoid any water to leak. Once the ice has melted, you can remove the filter and clean it for Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide. Reset the filter once it is completely dry, and in most cases, the issue will be resolved.

Issue – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Smells Funny

There are various reasons, which may cause funky smells from the air conditioner and asks for Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide. Primarily there are three main reasons for it.

The first one is the easiest to resolve. If the pipes are blocked, it indicates a critical issue and your AC needs to be serviced by experts. Blocked pipes cause water to build up, which potentially results in a lot of damage to the air conditioner in the long run.

If you think the smell is coming from outside, then try turning your reverse cycle on & blasting the fan at full speed for 5 minutes. The smell may dissolve naturally as it blows out of the unit.

If you guess a dead insect or animal is the cause, then you should call a licensed technician for assisting you.

If something is wrong with your unit, it is a great idea to check out the system before you call a service agent for Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide. This will help you in avoiding unnecessary callout charges.

Whether you have a ducted or split air conditioning system, you want your air conditioner running in peak condition to keep you cool during summer and warm through winter. However, if the filter isn’t clean, it can slow down the cooling and heating capacity of your unit and result in other negative flow-on consequences.

Below are a few reasons why a clean filter is significant for preventing the need for sudden Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide.

The filter is good for what it has been made for. This means that if the filter is clogged with dust particles, then the dust coming through the unit is not going to be trapped by the filter. It passes through the fan and mounts up on the cooling coils, which are covered in condensation. The dust covering the coils slows down the effectiveness of air conditioning unit and increases the operational costs. Even worse, some dust washes down with the condensation & get collected in the drain, clogging it with mud. A blocked drain creates a problem for both ducted and splits air conditioning systems.

Dust which accumulates in the filter can make your air conditioning unit smelly and require Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide.

Extra dust blowing through the overloaded filter is redistributed through the room which can be irritating for the hypersensitive family member. If a member of your family has an allergy flare-up and is taking normal medical precautions, remember to call your Air conditioning technician for Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide as an overloaded filter may be contributing to the issue.

Dust from Air conditioner leaves their marks on ceilings. When the filter is filthy, the extra dust can mark the ceiling. This often happens when dust-filled air blows against the ceiling around the vents for ducted air or against a lounge-room wall of residential air conditioning split system. It is easy to clean the filter, but there are some other aspects that experts in Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide will check during servicing of your unit. Our experts are licensed & qualified; and can attend all air conditioning and electrical specifications too, like testing for electrical problems or sealing of threaded fittings.

That’s why even if you clean the filter yourself; you should make a note to get your air conditioner professionally serviced by Trade Focus – particularly before you use it on a regular basis. For residential units, all manufacturers recommend an Air Conditioning Repair in Adelaide once a year. It not only increases the longevity of unit but avoids expensive costs.