If your gas furnace or air-conditioning is not working properly, we provide reliable Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide at affordable rates. Kindly go through the following common issues that you might be experiencing with Gas Furnace. If you prefer to schedule a meeting with our specialists, call us today, and we will coordinate with you to fix your issues. Sometimes, your problem may be a common one where a technician may prove expensive, so we have provided you with some information that might be helpful in saving you time and money.

We’re here to help you out, but we understand that if you are on a budget, then this troubleshooting guide can help you in doing it yourself and avoid the cost of Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide. You can call us when there are major issues, which might not be possible other than experts. Even if you cannot fix the issue on your own, kindly give us a call, and we will be even happier to come out and evaluate the situation and offer you our service.

Equipment Checklist for inspecting Gas Furnace before Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide.

• Ensure that the thermostat is set at “heat” position. Make sure that the setting of the temperature is set above the indoor temperature. You can check it on the indicator placed somewhere near the thermostat. Some systems have a built-in delay system for which the heat may not start for 5 or more minutes.

• Ensure that the power to the gas furnace is functioning properly by checking the on/off switch located at the furnace, which looks like a light switch. Check the breakers in the panel, and you can turn the thermostat fan setting from auto to “on” and check whether the blower is running properly, even when there isn’t a request for heat.

• Replace the filter if required Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide, and if a furnace is “starved” of fresh air because of the blocked filter, it will automatically shut down for safety. Switch off the furnace, replace the filter and retry. Filters with smaller diameters should be changed monthly, and bigger ones should be checked at regular intervals of 6 months and changed if needed. They should be changed once a year, depending on the size of your family, including your pets, etc.

• Check all the supply and return air grilles to make sure they are not blocked by any of your furniture.

Some of the Common Gas Furnace Problems that need Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide are –

Gas Furnace Isn’t Producing Enough Heat

Possible Causes & Solutions:

• Causes – Dirty Air Filter

Solution: Air filter should be replaced

• Gas burners might be dirty and need adjustment.

Solution: Call expert technician for Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide for cleaning or adjusting the burners.

• Flow of fresh air being obstructed to the combustion air chamber

Solution: make sure the furnace has sufficient air flow

Gas Furnace Isn’t Initiating the Heating Procedure

Possible Causes & Solutions:

• Cause – Thermostat isn’t set correctly and isn’t requiring the needed heat.

Solution: Make sure that the thermostat is set appropriately to “heat” and is set to the correct temperature.

• Cause – Thermostat is broken

Solution: Reset the temperature by a few notch up or down to see if it triggers the system

• Cause – Circuit breaker is blown out or not functioning properly

Solution: Reset circuit breaker or replace the blown fuse

• Cause – Control valve is closed

Solution: Open the control valve

• Cause – Pilot light has somehow shut down

Solution: Relight the pilot light once again.

Too much of Turns on and off in the gas furnace and needs Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide.

Possible Causes & Solutions:

• Cause – Air Filter is polluted

Solution: Change the air filter

• Cause – Blower motor goes out

Solution: Oil, the blower motor with lightweight oil

• The thermostat may be the cause.

Solution: Adjust the thermostat temperature anticipator

Gas Furnace Blower Doesn’t Turn Off

Possible Causes & Solutions:

• Cause –Thermostat’s fan has been set to “always on.”

Solution: Alter the thermostat fan setting

• Cause – If the thermostat does not have a fan setting options, then the fans limit control switch might be faulty

Solution: Replace the switch of the fan control

Gas Furnace is Noisy and requires Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide

Possible Causes & Solutions:

• Cause – Squealing sounds from the furnace could indicate that the belt is slipping or the shaft bearings needing oil.

Solution: Check that the blower belt decreases of approx 1″ centre of the span. If the belt is very loose, you need to tighten it, or if it’s broken, replace it. Lubricate the motor or shaft bearings with lightweight oil.

• Cause – If the burner is off & there is a low pitched rumble sound, which might be caused by a poorly adjusted pilot light.

Solution: Adjust the pilot light might remove the issue.

• Cause – If the burner is on and there is a low pitched rumble sound, dirty gas burners might be the cause.

Solution: Call a certified technician for Heating and Cooling Services in Adelaide for cleaning or adjusting burners.

Gas Furnace Pilot Light is Out

Possible Causes & Solutions:

• Cause – Pilot light can go off due to a strong wind.

Solution: Relight the pilot light or clean the furnace for keeping it clean and preventing it from reoccurrence.

• Cause – Malfunctioning of the thermocouple and shutting off the gas supply

Solution: Replacing the thermocouple.

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