Following are 10 steps to perform Evaporative air conditioning service in Adelaide: –

• Remove Debris – On the exterior condenser or compressor, remove the ‘fan cage.’ With the help of a screwdriver, remove the fasteners & lift the cage away from the top of the unit. With a wet/dry vacuum, clean leaves and other debris from the interior.

• Now, clean the fins – This is the second step to be followed when carrying out Evaporative Air Conditioning Service in Adelaide. Remove the outer covers & make use of the brush attachment on a shop vacuum to remove the outside dirt. Then, making use of a gentle stream from a ‘garden hose,’ spray through the fins to remove any built-up dirt from between them. Never make use of a pressure washer as the pressure might damage the fins. If the fins are predominantly dirty, make use of a fin cleaning spray (available at house improvement centers; read & follow manufacturer directions).

• This third step to be followed when carrying out Evaporative Air Conditioning Service in Adelaide is straightening the fins – Since any reduction in ‘air-flow’ through the fins might decrease efficiency, you should carefully straighten bent fins making use of a butter knife or fin-straightening tool. Be gentle so that the ‘tubing’ embedded within the fins isn’t damaged.

• Clean the Area around The Unit – Once you have finished with the cleaning, replace the ‘fan cage.’ Rake back leaves & debris outside the condenser & cut back branches & vegetation at least ‘2 feet’ in all directions to make sure proper ‘airflow’ around the unit. This is an important step when executing Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Adelaid. During the winter months when the condenser isn’t in use, it is good to cover the ‘top’ of the unit with a single piece of plywood to keep the debris from falling in. However, do not completely cover the sides of the unit, since moisture might build up inside & cause corrosion. Also, a totally covered unit supports vermin to build nests inside it. You have to remove any cover when the air unit is operating.

• Leveling the Unit is the next step of Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Adelaid – Over time, the pad on which the ‘condenser unit’ sits might begin to tip as the soil begins to settle beneath it. An ‘out-of-level’ condenser unit might cause the compressor within to fail. Properly check the condenser for level & make use of rot-resistant shims to get it back to level.

• Clean the ‘Evaporator Coil’ – Now it is time to move inside. On the inside blower unit, you have to find out the evaporator coil door. You may have to remove some foil duct tape & take out a few screws. Inside, make use of a soft brush to ‘dust off’ the coil, now spray the coil with no-rinse coil cleaner (available at house improvement shops). This is an essential part of Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Adelaid. The spray foams up and drips into the drain pan. Now, clean out the drain pan with the help of soap, hot water & a little bleach. After that, pour a cup of 50 per cent bleach or 50 per cent water down the drain. To keep the drain clear for a longer-term, place a drain pan tablet in the pan. This inhibits future algae growth. Then, replace the evaporator coil door & make use of foil duct tape to re-seal, if required.

• Clean a Plugged Evaporator Drain – This is an important step of Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Adelaid. On the interior, warm air from your house’s interior is blown via the evaporator coil. The cold coil absorbs the heat, cools it before the air is properly circulated back into your house. The humidity condenses on the cool surface of the coil as liquid water, thereby dripping into a pan kept under. From the pan, water flows into a drain tube routed into a basement floor drain or utility sink or even outdoors. Over time, algae & mold can build up plug the drain. Thus, if the drain is not flowing or flowing extremely slowly, it will have to be unplugged. A ‘plugged drain’ can cause damage by flooding, or the system might stop cooling to avoid flooding. Firstly, find the drain line where it departs the ‘evaporator coil enclosure.’ Follow it to the end. Often the line drains near the condenser unit. However, it can also drain out into a utility sink, basement floor drain or down an outside wall. The locating of it is a really important step of Evaporative air conditioning service in Adelaide. Once located, make use of a wet or dry vacuum to clear it. It is best to remove the paper filter so as not to ruin the filter. Turn on the vacuum for ‘2-3 minutes’. Then, turn it off. This will clear the drain of biological matter.

• Alter The Blower Filter – The filter in your AC system should be changed twice a year. Once just before summer begins and once before winter begins. If you live in a dusty area, you might want to change it quite often. Always replace the blower filter with a novel filter which has the same ‘airflow rating.’ The step which takes you to the conclusion when performing Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Adelaid is this one! Locate the blower filter enclosure on the indoor AC where the fresh air return duct enters the AC unit. Remove the old filter & install the novel filter, matching the ‘air-flow direction’ arrows on the blower filter to the arrows on the AC unit. Close & latch the door. And you are done!

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